Executive Commitee List

The Federation is recognized by the government as the only representative organisation of employers. Accordingly, it has been given representation on all national Bodies/Committees concerning Labour-management relations. It is also represented on various bodies, such as National Tripartite Consultative Committee on Labour Matters, Governing Bodies of the Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM), Industrial Relations Institute, Minimum Wage Board, Labour Courts, etc. In matters of representation at various international conferences and industrial seminars, symposia organized from time to time by the ILO and its attached units/agencies, the Federation is called upon to send representatives.

It is also represented on the Government/Academic Bodies of prestigious organisations, national institutions, such as Institute of Business Administration (IBA), etc.

The Federation is also represented on the Council of International Organisation of Employers and through it, maintains close touch with employers’ organisations in other countries and exchanges views and information on current issues.