ILO to train 0.8m garment workers on safety by 2017


The International Labour Organization (ILO) will train up a total of 0.8 million garment workers on occupational safety and health (OSH) in the next two years.

The UN agency in May teamed up with Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) to enhance OSH knowledge among workers under its ‘Improving Working Conditions in the RMG sector’ project.

“The joint collaboration has already created a team of 114 master OSH trainers who will pass the OSH knowledge on to 8000 mid level and line supervisors by March 2016,” Secretary General of BEF Farooq Ahmed said after the evaluation session of the master trainers meeting held on Sunday, 22 November 2015 in BEF Conference Hall .

The second-phase of the training is going on, while the mid-level trained people will provide training to a total of 0.8 million workers in the garment factories in Dhaka, he said.

He added the programme would later be expanded to the factories in Chittagong.

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