Key Features

Advisory Services on Industrial Relations:

Our services to members cover all aspects of industrial relations. Its Secretariat provides advocacy services to members for consultation, advice and information. Advices generally concern members which are directly related to wage negotiations, Labour management relations, disciplinary actions, interpretation of Labour laws etc.

Productivity Improvement Assistance:

We provide consultancy service to industries and helps them identify the scope of improving productivity through the application of modern management technique. It assists members mainly in the fields like work study, value engineering, production planning and control including inventory management, fixation of wage structures, job evaluation, setting recruitment standards, work measurement, method improvement, value analysis, maintenance management, office management, incentive schemes, etc.

Training :

Management training is a regular feature of the Federation’s activities. Senior officials engaged in respective management functions participate in various seminars/workshops organised by the Federation which are facilitated by national and international experts. The training programmes have been found rewarding by the participants. The topics, the course contents, the level of participants etc. are carefully considered by the Seminar Sub-Committee on the basis of expert advice.

Labour Court Assistance:

We represent the employers in the seven labour Courts of the country. It not only monitors through its representatives on the panels, the cases which come up before the Courts but also very carefully ensures that legitimate interests of employers are duly highlighted in the written comments of the members of the employers’ panels. The Federation’s concerns and contributions towards safeguarding employers’ interest have been recognised invaluable.

Minimum Wages Board:

We represent and safeguard the interest of employers in the Minimum Wages Board which meets at regular intervals. The Board’s awards are crucial for smaller industries which survive mainly on the basis of competitive labour costs.

National Policy Issues:

We render expert assistance, advice and services to the Government, particularly to the Ministry of Labour and Employment in the formulation of various plans and policies. Our involvement in the formulation of plans and policies especially in the field of industrial relations is well-known. We represent employers’ viewpoints at the Tripartite Consultative Committee.