Master Trainers Meeting on 20 April 2017

Master Trainers Meeting


To present the mid-term results and impact of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training in ready-made garments (RMG) factories in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Employers’ Federation (BEF) in collaboration with the International Training Centre (ITC-ILO) organized a ‘Master Trainers Meeting’ on 20 April 2017 at 10:00 am in the Conference Hall of BEF. This was a follow-up coordination meeting of all the master trainers who attended the ‘Train the Trainers workshop on the Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH)’.

Mr. Farooq Ahmed, Secretary General of BEF, moderated the programme. Mr. A. N. M. Saif Uddin, Director, BGMEA, Mr. Paolo Salvai, Programme Officer, ITC-ILO, Mr. Tuomo Poutiainen, Chief Technical Adviser, ILO RMG Project Programme also spoke in the programme. A number of 51 master trainers have attended the daylong meeting.

Welcoming all, Mr. Farooq Ahmed highlighted the activities of the project and also mentioned the future follow-up activities. He told that the project will end by mid May of this year and so far activities progress efficiently and smoothly.

Mr. Farooq Ahmed mentioned that in the framework of the ILO programme, the component ‘Building the capacity of OSH systems’ aims at reinforcing the capacity of workers, supervisors and managers in the RMG sector to improve the safety of their workplaces. As per planned activities, BEF in cooperation with the ITC-ILO Turin, Italy and ILO Country Office for Bangladesh successfully completed five ITC-ILO ‘Train the Trainers workshop for Master Trainers on the Essentials of Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH)’ in Dhaka and Chittagong under the 1st phase (August 2014- March 2015) and a pool of around 114 Senior Master Trainers were trained. Under the 2nd phase (April 2015- March 2016) of the project activities on EOSH, in total 402 batches of trainings for mid level managers, supervisors and chief-in-floors were successfully conducted by the BGMEA and the BKMEA. 225 batches of trainings were conducted by BGMEA and 177 batches of trainings were conducted by BKMEA covering 585 factories, and 8038 mid-level managers, supervisors, chief in floors were trained. BEF successfully coordinated and facilitated implementation of all the activities.

Now, BEF is in the process of implementing 3rd phase. The third phase of the project has a very ambitious target: providing basic training on OSH on selected topics to at least 8 lakh workers in 585 companies in the RMG sectors. All the 8038 midlevel managers, supervisors, chief in floors who were trained in the 2nd phase are the main actors to conduct training session with the workers. In addition to the workers training, the 3rd phase of the project activities included Orientation on Safety Committee for 585 company representatives to initiate or establish Safety Committee at the company level/factory level. Another activity under the project has been planned for Establishing and functioning 110 Safety Committees at the company level under BGEMA and BKMEA coordination. Capacity building support will be provided to establish and to function the Safety Committee at the company level.

In his speech, Mr. A. N. M. Saif Uddin mentioned mainly two things, firstly quality of training, quality of training should be ensured; and secondly approved syllabus, following syllabus should be approved by the BTEB (Bangladesh Technical Education Board). Mr. Paolo Salvai wants to receive the feedback from the master trainers. Lastly, Mr. Tuomo Poutiainen mentioned that standard of OSH training should be maintained and the project will end by May 2017.