The Introduction of Management Training Program (MTP)


Training objectives: The overall objective of this training program is to learn basic idea of MTP, meaning of MTP, what is MTP, why MTP is useful for company/organization. To learn practices of management at Japanese companies by using Japanese case and to learn characteristic of MTP, what is teaching method of meeting, what is management, basic attitude of manager, understand human behavior, human desire and attitude, unity of individual cognition, delegation of authority, reformation of management, management of show independence of subordinate, leadership of adaptation to environment.

Organized by: HIDA Japan in cooperation with Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF)

Venue: Conference hall of MCCI, Chamber building, 122-124 Motijheel, Dhaka-1000.

Program duration: 1-2 March 2016

No. of participants Attended: 41 (Male- 39 and Female-02)

Program Theme: The introduction of Management Training Program (MTP) aims awareness of importance of MTP. The seminar is introducing basic idea of MTP, meaning of MTP, what is MTP, why MTP is necessary in business environment. After this seminar, participants will be able to understand the concept of MTP easily and adjust it in business environment smoothly. An HIDA certificate has been awarded among the participants who have attended the program.

Contents: The MTP covers a wide spectrum of management issues such as: basic principles of management, principles of organizational management, management and standards, problem awareness and creativity, improvement of work, planning, directing, controlling, coordinating, meaning of developing subordinates, cultivation of individual skills and ability, understanding human behavior, attitudes and their development, leadership, and development of good management.

Resource person: The training workshop has been conducted by Mr. Kazuto YAMAGUCHI, from The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA), Japan who is also a renowned Professor of JITA, Japan.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Participants expressed their positive feedback that they would make some contributions at their workplaces by using gathered knowledge.