Training Unit


BEF appropriate training and development of education invariably precede any development action. Training is a key component of BEF programs, which threads together all its activities to make them an integrated whole. In view of reality, the training unit of BEF covers a wide range of intertwined company related issues and practical skill themes reflecting different programmers. In order to develop human resources and capacity building of member organizations, since 2010, it started demand-driven services by employing different tools & techniques for which it created the Training unit to develop human resources and skills. For successful implementation of any services, skilled, knowledgeable, and committed staff is essential. In this context training is the most effective way to enhancing the knowledge and skills. Development means the development of the people.


Establish Training unit as an effective, efficient, dependable, and sustainable.


Provide its best efforts in bringing the efficiency & quality at a dignified level through their capacity development. Enhance the competency of the staff of member organization and other agencies through imparting capacity building training providing necessary advocacy, interactive communication & networking by applying acquired research based knowledge, effective use of information, transfer of modern technology based upon the mission and values of the organization.


To afford support to develop program activities for the employees and the target peoples of BEF through human resource development in order to achieve development activities undertaken a success.


Overall objective of Training unit is to enhance the competency of the work force of the organization and all the way through capacity building activities by replicating research based knowledge, effective use of information, transfer of modern technology along with hands on experience.

Training Methodologies to be employed :

BEF believes that learning alone is not the ultimate outcome of formal training. Rather it becomes completed through a process of attaining experiences and self-improvement. For these causes, always-experienced based methodologies are used considering participants’ knowledge, skills, & experiences so that the participant practically applies their learning’s later on in changing their attitude and behavior. Considering the points above, Structured learning experiences, Action Learning Exercises, Simulation, Role-play, Case-studies, Story telling, Fact analysis, Practical demonstration, Group discussion, Fish bowl, Buzz group, Brain storming, Assignment, Round-robin etc. methods are used to make the training program much more effective.

Training Materials and Aids used in Training program :

As Training curriculum, Training manual, class materials is one of the most important guideline of a trainer. So, if quality control of them is not ensured then it might be creating some problems to maintain the quality of training. We will develop objective oriented course curriculums and guidelines for effective implementation of training course heart & soul based on Training Needs Assessment which followed by objective, methodology, tasks include, materials use, time allocation and assigned facilitators.

Target participants of training unit :

  • Employers who are operating different kinds of trade and business
  • Staff of the member organization, ranging in age between 20 and 50, is different types of department.
  • Staff of a company those are working as mid and top level managers.
  • Non-governmental Organization/Group of companies/Associations
  • Different types of employers like Bank, trade agencies, company, association etc.
  • Partner organization who are working with BEF
  • Collaborating company are interested in working with BEF in development activities.

Our Specialization on Training :

  • Skilled, efficient, sincere, hard working, honest, and dedicated permanent and contractual human resources.
  • Experienced and qualified Training professionals.
  • Ample material resources to run the training programs successfully.
  • Sufficient physical facility and training equipments support.
  • Strong team-building approach.
  • Harmonious & friendly working environment.
  • Infrastructure and facilities in working areas with easy access to members & timely delivery. (Own office building, Training venue, Modern Training Aid and equipment, Demonstration field, Training manual, e-mail, phone, fax, internet)

Major activities of training unit :

  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  • Training course design
  • Conduct Professional skill development training to staff of member organization
  • Arrange Training, Workshop, Conference and Seminar
  • Staff development Training
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Training Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participation on meeting/Training/Workshop
  • Report Writing and Documentation

Training Certificate :

After successfully completion of the training course Training unit will provide Certificate to participants. This certificate will carry importance and standard in the Business management those are working for economic development. Also it helps to develop carrier in any organization/program/project to the participants.

Our key principles :

  • Increase employee’s productivity and develop industry through training activities.
  • Give trainee satisfaction and ensure participants’ benefit.
  • Deliver demand-driven, high-quality, timely & effective training.
  • Ensure quality at every step of the training program.
  • Build participants centre through volunteerism, create familiar and congenial training environments.
  • Reflect training principles in every step of the activities.
  • Impart training through knowledgeable, experienced & highly qualified professionals.
  • Promote sustainability of company and target clients as well
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation of each program.

Useful Information :

  • The dates of the training schedule may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances. Such changes, if any, will be communicated to the participants direct on time.
  • Participants will be selected on a first come first served basis.
  • Course fees fixed by the BEF authority have to be deposited either in a/c payee cheque or cash to accounts section of BEF
  • The course contents of the training programs are available with BEF training unit, and may be available on request.
  • BEF will provide adequate reading materials.
  • BEF may organize any customized training program upon request by interested clients.

 For Registration & Enquiry Please Contact at Following Address 

Joha Jamilur Rahman

Training Coordinator
Bangladesh Employers’ Federation
Chamber building
122-124 Motijheel Com. Area, Dhaka-1000
Phone: +880-2-9565208-10 PABX: +880-2-9574129-31
Cell no: 01712-512372
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