Workplace Safety and Compliance

Course Number
Title of the Training
Workplace Safety and Compliance
Course objectives
The overall objective of this training program is to raise awareness, improve knowledge and skills of the participants regarding OHS at the workplace and measures to be taken to ensure safe & healthy environment and compliance issues at workplace, Creating Positive Health and Safety Culture, Implementing Safety Management on Different Standards and regulations, Review and Revised Safety Management System make it active better comply
Course duration
02 days
Participants level
  • Human resources professionals
  • Mid level managers
  • Senior executives
  • Executives-Fire and safety
  • Executives-Compliance
  • Non – HR managers
Possible topics to be covered
  • Introduction to occupational safety and health
  • Legislative framework of OSH
  • Fire and Explosion
  • Hazardous Substance
  • Accident Prevention and Reporting
  • Trip, Slip and Fall
  • Electric Safety
  • Work Ergonomics
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Key Factors to ensure compliance